Values & Principles

Reliable & Safe Services

The PSC is the agency that regulates our utilities that create the energy that power our lives every day. Powering a state as large as Georgia does not come without its risks, both to people and wildlife. It is crucial that decisions regarding power procurement and use include  consideration of the environment and the input of the community members  impacted by them. Dawn is committed to holding meetings at the public’s  convenience to increase participation in the PSC. She also plans on proactively addressing dangerous outputs of energy production, such as securing and recycling coal ash to protect families and waterways. Dawn will request plans and proof that our utility production and delivery systems are safe from computer high-jacking by ensuring tough  standards of cyber security. Dawn will put the consumer at the center of every decision she makes.

Affordable & Fair Utilities

Dawn’s sole purpose for running for the PSC is to put the Public on  the Public Service Commission. Dawn's interests are the public's interests, and she not taking campaign contributions from utility executives. Dawn has a track record for working openly and making sure all sides are at the same table working together for a win-win conclusion. Dawn will examine each rate case brought before the PSC to consider the economic impact on residential and business owners. While  there are many factors to consider when deciding utility rates, Dawm will put the consumers at every decision because she knows what it is like to balance turning up or down the thermostat when you are worried about paying the bill. Dawn will advocate for low rates and increased the transparency of utility bills!

Sustainable Future

Georgia should take the lead in renewable energy capacity.  We must  ensure the rebates and incentives for solar are restored and well known to all consumers. The implications of doing so are massive. In the US, renewable energy fields employ over 800,000 workers. Roughly 76,533, about 10.5%, of those positions are in Georgia and there is room still to grow. Solar installation costs have fallen significantly over the past decade, and only 1 gig of installed solar energy has created an economic impact in Georgia of over $1 billion. Imagine if we installed another gig of solar each year for the next six years of Dawn’s service? However, our state has fallen behind on efforts to decrease carbon emissions and increase clean energy resource development. Dawn will reverse this trend by staying on top of emerging technologies, encouraging investments, and reducing barriers for start-up companies. We have a great opportunity to advance the infrastructure for fast and reliable internet access, electrical vehicle  drivers, and cutting-edge business enterprises across Georgia. Dawn loves science and will pursue every avenue available when serving on the PSC to ensure renewable energy and emerging technologies can grow and thrive.